Storage Room


  • Temporarily removed pipes in 1st and 2nd room because they look kind of bland in my opinion.
  • Made the trusses leading to 5th button appear after the 4th button is pressed.
  • Updated the 1st room truss that leads to 2nd button. (Truss will be given a different color next update)
  • Made walls less saturated.
  • Added more gameplay to 3rd room.
  • New box texture.
  • Some other minor changes plus fixes.
3rd room Gameplay
  • Added even more gameplay to 3rd room
  • Added end room
  • Changed truss colour for first room
  • Changed barrier material blocking 3rd button and 1st room truss to ForceField
  • Truss leading to 4th button buffed
  • Thing to jump and climb on to get to 3rd room has been nerfed
lazy to type update out lol!
  • Removed some trusses
  • Added a few boxes into racks in 3rd room
  • Added a wrap around at the rack nearer to the vent in 3rd room
  • Added lights to 3rd room
  • Changed 2nd and end room wall material to concrete
  • Nerfed some jumps in 3rd room
  • Shake removed
  • Gate blocking vent to 3rd room has a longer delay
wall detail test + some fixes (27 May 2020)
  • Added details to the walls in 1st room only (for testing)
  • Fixed some major shortcuts
  • Changed truss color for 1st room
  • Made 4th button a normal button and 5th, 6th and 8th buttons group buttons
  • Made some detail improvements to some parts of the map
29 May 2020: the lava buff
  • Fixed one of the boxes to get on to the 5th button being too far away so now you can complete the map
  • Fixed some shortcuts
  • The jump to return back to the other side of the rack closer to the second room vent has been nerfed
  • Flood has been buffed
  • 1st room has improved wall details
  • A box now blocks you from directly walking to the truss to get on the rack closer to the end room vent
30 may 2020: 2nd room details
  • added details to 2nd room
  • fixed another shortcut

Status: Gathering Support, Completed

Description of Map
no idea what to put here yet so take the backstory from the original post

An escape from a (crumbling?) storage warehouse. Uh, looks like there’s been a few explosions in another room. You have to quickly get out of this warehouse before the lava swallows you.


  • Water turning into lava and BGM inspired from Desolate Space
  • ShadowMap update actually inspired from Dystopia
  • Break in the middle of the floor in 2nd room inspired from After Flashbacks and possibly Beneath The Ruins

BGM: Waterflame - Ricochet Love

ID: 3261143174

Pictures / Videos of Map-

(all of these photos are outdated and I’m kinda lazy to update these so just gonna leave this here for a while)

Lights have not been added to the end room yet.
Gameplay still under tweaking.

Gameplay video (Version: the lava buff)

the details are kinda meh tho idk if we can suggest anything tho it looks c0l

I suggest adding some wedges and details
The lighting is meh but still a decent map

Ok lighting
Rating 9/10

fe1 levels be like

ik the wall details are kinda meh because I went for some blocky and simple feeling (but never worked) so i will try to improve on it

can you add more box and make it big small??? :grin: :grin: :joy_cat:
pls or else bat :rage: :x: :cricket_bat_and_ball:

(joke ok)

maybe ??? :thinking:

The first room looks like a medium map from Flood Escape.


So cool.

cant wait to see the map once it is whitelisted

good enough I guess (made it less dark)

and also I added textures to some boxes (inspired from poisonous chasm)


btw the details are not my top priority for now, its the third room so yeah.

i like how it looks with shadowmap

also image lol!

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The green color annoys me in walls, try to change for the same color of the floor

Ok got it
actually the floor is grey colour which is pretty generic so I might have to reconsider

looks ok

maybe make the green walls less saturated


is this map rlly called storage room lol

Yes (no joke)


Storage Room seems like a nice gameplay, and I can’t wait to see the map released when it’s ready! The details are very great, and the concepts seems to be very fine for these rooms. The rooms do remind me of Flood Escape, which is why I really like it.


  • For the Floor 1, I would suggest adding outlines from the floor. I also would recommend adding decorations and use color schemes, which is also included for all of the areas.
  • Try adding details for the walls or pipes, like adding decorations. You can also improve them as much as you needed.
  • For the Floor 3, I’d recommend adding wedges from the walls, which can be a good choice for details. Adding decorations or color schemes can also be a good thing.

Overall, I really like the way you made the creations for your map, and I can’t wait to see it being finished. I wish you have a good luck! :+1: