Stupid Facts about Sugar_Void's Somewhat Moderate Maps

Ok so I just want to share some really random facts about some of my maps (and when I mean some I mean literally three. yea i know right?). Either way stop reading this text, it’s not the spotlight of this post…

Beryl Realm

So Beryl Realm was not going to a realm. Yea I know right? How I came to the idea was looking in (if i’m correct) supermstarrobloxian’s (idk how to spell his name ok) inventory. I found a random map image, so I took inspiration from that. The map was an aquatic temple and stuff, so I decided to be like, “Hey why make this my map because it is sooooooooooooo original. After all I make terrible maps, AHAHAHAHA (what am i doing with my life .-.)” Eventually I scrapped the idea and came to what it is today. I had so many plans for this map. I wanted to put a terrible skybox, put a random cave area, make the tree not a mesh…

Yea I had ideas. But all those were scrapped.

Flood Freezer

Flood Freezer got my interest by just thinking about it. Eventually I came to the point where I wanted to make a map. So I did. I basically created a revamp of an FE1 Map. How pathetic of myself. Flood Freezer’s warehouse room was not going to be a warehouse, but rather a terrible piece of garbage. It would be the original Flood Freezer, except neon is everywhere. Yea I think you know what I’m probably talking about. (It’s basically Digitalization but it’s in a dumpster.)

WIP Autumn Map

Okay so some of you know this topic right?: A map that has no name and it autumn themed and is hard wow why this is so long aaa | wip

Well that map has a fact too! Originally it would start off autumn and then turn to winter in another section. I soon scraped that idea and just made it all autumn.

This map was originally gonna be a Crazy and I still have a screenshot of the Crazy map’s gameplay!

I discontinued that version because I was demotivated it wasn’t working out. So it’s now a Hard with better gameplay (most Crazies have super small jumps and that was what was in my map)!

And if someone has the model, a secret message awaits for you in a model…


The model has something to do with winter.

Okay that’s all the random facts about my three disgusting maps. <(It’s a joke don’t take it seriously.)

Inspired by JiroWolf/Azuraic’s post: Did you know?


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Also while I’m at it, I may as well fix the one million grammar mistakes in this post.

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