[Submission] [Hard] Western Quarry

Status: Gathering Support

ID: 2483390275

Western Quarry is supposed to take place in a location similar to Wild Savannah and has a rusty, dirty theme.

Average Time: 1:19s

Acid, Lava


The main image - also known as the middle area.

The starting point - outside deserty area.

The ending region - rusty facility place.

How good a chance do you think this has of getting into FE2?

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Please rate the overall theme of the map-

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Please rate the gameplay-

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Thank you for looking into my map, and please drop a vote. Let’s get this into FE2! :ok_hand::joy:

Looks noice like roice


big mcthankies

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really cool

great map like it

Looks gud
Ive no votes sooooooo
Count this reply as a vote
vote sent

thank :slight_smile:

Ur welcom

There is an air pocket right at the edge of the barrier.

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“3 months later”

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Looks way too much like Infiltration.

I love it! Great job!

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This is rlly rlly x 10 nice

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Welcome to the wild west :b: LEETUS lives here

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Thanks and I’ll get on it. Sorry for the late reply.

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i still remember this

Feels more like Construction Thrill Old Version

i mean, youre not wrong old me