[SUBMISSION] Toxic Sewers | Insane [By Justin31sar & DeltaAimee]

Status: Submission

You are a plumber who has accidentally unscrewed a bolt in the pipe, which is releasing toxic fluids which you cannot inhale or contact for long. Eventually, it starts to corrode your skin. You run to press controls in the plumbing control area, but it is flooded with toxic fluids as well, so you risk your life to open floodgates so you can escape. Then the pipes which are clogged begin to burst open, you run to press any buttons to help yourself survive. Finally, you reach dry land, but it’s not done yet. You need to get into the safe area by parkouring and smashing every control you can think of which will get you there.

This map includes:
1 start room with a lore
1 room with acid swimming
1 “SS” style normal parkour with fast-rising acid (also includes buttons due to the difficulty being insane)
Here are some images of the map:


Here is the map, it’s available to play on FE2_Maptest:


Magnificent work of art you 2! Can’t wait to test it! I really want to make maps, it’s just that I am not that great of a scripted… coding isn’t my strong point, I prefer building stuff in the studio :expressionless:

lookz good

I’m quite intermediate in scripting, so I could give you a hand if you need one :+1:


Ladies and gentlemen. This was the first ever map to be submitted to the forums.


Time to actually explain
It is not the first map created
It is the most inactive (no replies for the longest time) map submission


The 1st map submission was on Oct 17’ or something.

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I didn’t say in the game facepalm

Oof I was close then

Because people like you (no offence) revive very old posts xD

Face palm
No I’m saying how the forum works

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uh i didnt revive this post, baconboi did

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No it’s because people revive the oldest posts and then others won’t know that they’re old. I thought this was new (since Delta’s name was there) but it was an extremely old post.

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this must be old version of Neurotoxin Plant, air?

then in 2018 a hard map with the smae name by noomlek & PurpleGuy_121 incame xd

nope this is not neurotoxin lol its my first collab map / first one. back in the day i use to take maps from crazy’s inventory and make them look better and this was the first out of two i did. the other one is unreleased and was never played by anyone else other than me.

oh ok i understand

oh i remember this map, when i really really sucked at building

hmmm i wanna know which map it was

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