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can you verify this map :

excuse me but this is not the right category

how do i get in to the submit catedory

Usually, you would go to FE2 Map Test and submit your map there.

Due to some genius called cjkn deciding that he or she needed 20 million assets, Roblox has put a limit on the number of models that can be taken in at a time.

what ??? can you temporary whilelist my map

Nope. We can’t. Well, we can, but it won’t be the official model. Whitelisting is broken ATM, so we just gotsa wait.

Post in #Map-Creations and make sure you follow the guidelines. Also, welcome to our community!

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I do have a white list but it’s with a different map :confused:

Go to FE2 Map Test
Copy and Paste your ID
Click the “Whitelist”

im so mad at roblox they affected the whilelist process


If you have any other whitelisted models, then you can just replace whatever map was in there for the map you currently are developing. (it’s the only way as of now)


thats my only model im mad at roblox

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they just affected the whilelisting process

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no, we cannot, you own the map, you add it to the whitelisting queue when its empty, you can see when its empty on the official Flood escape discord

Join their fe2 discord server if you want to check the whitelisting queue

why revive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

this is my 1st map so it probably wont be good but whatever

this is my 1st map so it probably wont be good but whatever

Metallic Malice map submission—

here are some images of the map


@Pax you didn’t have to ping all mods to lock