Submitting maps

I have a few ideas for maps intended for flood escape 1.

Is there a way I could submit them, and also, could someone tell me the specifications for a map (e. g. width, height, gravity. . .)?

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It would be nice to have a kit (as a model) that includes the baseplate at the correct width and length with a script that explains all rules/instructions.


Iā€™m sorry! There is actually a kit! Here is the link:

(Thanks to @PixelRBLX for bringing it to my attention)

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Imma make a map lol

There is no FE1 kit. You canā€™t submit FE1 maps, but you can submit FE2 maps.

it literally took me 2 seconds to scroll to the oldest topic in FE1 category, i can now freely say that Flood Escape 1 is the least popular category.