Subterrestrial Sanctum (V1.1)

By: Phexonia and Grande_Tony (me lol)

ID: 2926632264

Buttons: 7

Status: Gathering feedback (V1.1)

Duration: About a minute and a half

Description: You’re walking between the mountains when you spot an entrance to what appears to be a temple. There are multiple signs next to the entrance advising people to not enter.
Being the smart people that you are, you don’t go in.
However, as soon as you make that decision, it starts to rain. Alot.
Since you don’t want to get a cold (i hope), you decide to take shelter near the entrance of the temple.
Three and a half seconds after getting inside the temple, the entrance is blocked off my a large ammount of rocks. You think about moving them, but then you feel the ground shaking.
You then make the decision to try to find a different exit before you get submerged in the lava that is suddenly flooding the place.

Video(s): If you want, you can record yourself beating this and I’ll put it here (maybe).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vma_NeZFcA (V1)

The map:

the entrance, blocked off by those rocks i was talking about earlier
ah! it is a button (spawn room)
why are there stalactites here this is a temple not a cave (first room, not counting spawn room)
second room
third room with a very large arrow telling you where to go
the last room

There is a not so hidden secret button that activates something. Can you find it?
(yeah you probably can)

This is the first time my friend (Phexonia) has made a Flood Escape 2 map! It’s definetly not the best map out there, but at least it’s not that one map called beaneath the blue dark-sci abandoned eternity dystopia overdrive moon facility ruins that someone requested on your maptest vip server

Seems uh
Very blocky

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Nice map! I already made an video on this map.

i think the word you’re looking for is simple but ok

the parkour in pic3 looks very generic you should add some other stuff such as boxes, wooden platforms, etc
but i like how you used the granite material
those vines look kinda unnatrual because they just stick out at random parts but eh
the blue rocks in pic1 dont fit

epic name


I’ll consider that, thanks for the feedback!

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i like the vibe and the simpleness, but some areas need improvements, like the spawn room, try adding more decorations, the first room torches is uh, um, not sticking to the wall?
try using a variant color and there should be more vines, but it’s ok if you did not want to add more vines at the first place or you’re busy with other projects.
every parkours look generic and fits within the FE2 theme, the terrain is really smooth. the entrance door blue rocks were unreasonable with the map theme, unless it’s the prequel map theme, i’ll let it slide if it is.
second room doesn’t have that much effort, that high parkour thing could’ve been improved, like using variant material and color and that 3 (or more) parkours at the wall should have more detail, as i said, use variant material and color. third room is nothing much, it’s fine. but the last room look cramped but i can’t be sure since i haven’t tested it yet, will do later.
some areas are too blocky, consider adding wedges unless you’re making it look realistic, (by this, i mean that real-life temples, which is not that smooth) everything is fine other than these i’ve said.
i’ll review the gameplay in another reply.


wow that’s alot lol

when i get home I’ll try to do at least some of your suggestions, thanks for the feedback

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ok i just got home i’m going to go apply some of these suggestions

Me: a new map is out!

Grande_Tony made it

Me: Ah ####

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This map looks absolutely wonderful! I’m handing over my vote.


- removed blue entrance rocks due to a copyright strike from blue moon
+ spawn room looks more appealing
+ added boxes
+ added a light beam on the first room

* floating torches should not be a problem anymore
* slightly modified the jumps in the second room
* fixed shortcuts
* doors now take 2 seconds to open instead of 3
* fixed second flood gate failing to exist (hopefully)
+ more vines for reasons i don’t want to elaborate on

hopefully this fixed at least some of the problems the map previously had. thanks for coming to my ted talk

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okay long review time!!!


it’s pretty fun. the only matter i have is the 3rd room where the lava rises so slowly it misleads the player into thinking they have a lot of time left, which isn’t true since they’ll probably die in the next room. speaking of which, it’s kinda confusing where to go after the 1st button in there, but eh. also since this is a grande_tony’s map, there’s gotta be sync. it’s nice but the music seems a little bit too intense for a hard.


i really like the spawn. that door and those rocks are pretty decorated. the only thing you should keep in mind is that the map looks pretty boring. the water/lava/acid changing is cool, but isnt enough. those vines are fine, but i think you should make the boxes stand out a bit. speaking of vines…

this happens on multiple platforms. the vines just stick out of nowhere. it looks odd.

i see this building style in most of the map. the problem with it is, the platforms are perfectly wedged which make it look unnatural and reminds me of facilities for some reason. but if you werent going for the natural style, then ok.

you should also vary the platform types in the second and third room, as it looks boring and poorly made. maybe some wooden platforms? hanging ones? boxes? anything but those spammed perfectly wedged platforms.

the ending is kinda abrupt, but i’ll give it a pass since it’s decorated.

lol yes good screenshot with good vines in it

brief summary for lazy people
the map is great and it has fun gameplay but you should vary the types of platforms because it makes it repetitive. the platforms also look perfectly wedged and unnatural. also the third room misleads the player because the lava is so slow. fourth room is kinda confusing lol. thats all aaa

gameplay: 8/10
details: 7/10
ambience: 8/10

good job on this map woohoo
its good but not enough to gain my vote

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absolutely good


Peter from Family Guy?

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yo a legit map from 2 lesser known creators, nice!


u is welcome (made by givemenamepls)

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Very cool map