Suggest Wall Details!

What detail should i put in the walls?

Oh wow… that looks pretty bad.
Maybe add like some windows with water outside of them?

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if you could tell me the theme of this map, i might can think of a suggestion

The map is inspired by the island and the grid’s gameplay. The map will be called Wood Escape! The Difficulty will be Insane!

Wood Escape sounds bland. Maybe Woodland Overflow?

im thinking of these two names:
Woodland Evacuation
Woodland Escape

That name sounds very good imo! I going to use that name!

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Heh, Some walls looks blands.

least you can improve using some techniques like DiamondPlate or something like that.

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Foggy Woodlands Escape :joy:

I don’t want to steal you map’s name and change but if it an joke then ok

its a joke

Oh ok