(Suggestion) Client-sided button

Ok, so I randomly came up with this. Might not be perfect, but whatever.
How it works:
If you press the button, whatever is supposed to happen only happens on your screen. You will also be able to press the next button. Other players will see you walk on nothing/walk through a wall.
It’s just JToH buttons in FE2
Or the secret button in Forgotten Tombs
The rest of the post isn’t necessary but you can just read it if you’d like to
There’s a poll and some flaws and an example of the button and how it works


Player A is going to press the Client button. Player B is waiting for A to press it, but they don’t know what it does. Player A presses it and on their screen, the passage opens, the button turns black, and the next button turns green. But on B’s screen, Player A touched the button, but it didn’t turn black, they still can’t press the next button and the passage didn’t open. Player A continues the map normally after that, and Player B realizes, they have to press the button themselves.

Other stuff:

  • I want this to be used in harder maps like insane and crazy so the lazy ones who wait for others to press the button get taught a lesson

  • I also don’t intend this to be used in FE2, just an idea that could be implemented into map test for map makers to use, and eventually be included in normal FE2 (like the crazy difficulty, it was in map test. but a while later blue moon was added)

Here’s a few flaws:

  • Players walking on thin air, or going through a wall (Could make use of the forcefield material, like it allows certain people to walk on it after they pressed the button, or allows them to go through.)

  • Confusing for new players (I meant the button to be used in Insane/Crazy maps, so this isn’t much of an issue.)

  • Players who didn’t press the button will see others who pressed it press yellow (inactive) buttons.
    (This is the biggest flaw and this could be confusing to a lot of people. I don’t know how to deal with it, so post your ideas in the comments.)

Also, do you like the idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you don’t like it because of the idea, that’s fine, but if you don’t like something about it then tell me in the comments.

If some advanced scripters could make this work in map test (except making it an actual button you need to press in order to press the next one) that would be awesome

Also, i’m sorry if this post is a bit long, it just needs some explaining.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

Edit: made some stuff more clear

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Not sure if i am understanding what you mean but i am pretty sure this is already something as in the flood escape 2 event around 2 years ago. Blue Buttons

You mean the secret ones in forgotten tombs? i didn’t know if you pressed it it only opened on your screen lol, but yes i mean that

i just wanted it to be a more accessible thing for map makers and could be a button type like group buttons

Yeah some dude, i forgot made rotating room which had a blue button
Although it is quite easy to make and is just client sided which makes it so much easier
Just some things like

if part.Parent:FindFirstChild('Humanoid') then
      script.Parent.BrickColor = BrickColor.new('Black')

all on a local script
i am pretty sure i did something wrong but it goes like that

yeah, i already made my own secret buttons kinda like ones in rotate room, that function exactly like fe2 ones but without markes, but they aren’t client sided

i don’t wanna make it public though because i want it to be something special

I mean, it will make the map “solo” like if local buttons were added.

Which means players have to be even more lazy, except they have it press the button for them selves. While the other player can complete it.

client sided buttons are literally jtoh buttons but in fe2

and they are a button type like group buttons

yea thats the biggest flaw, others pressing buttons that are yellow to ppl who didnt press the client button

if thats what you mean

but if the client button was just normal the lazy people wouldnt have to press it themselves and be even more lazy

that doesn’t make sense because client sided buttons are one player per side and if it were a group button, it would be impossible

Nonono i mean like
When you wanna make a group button you put an objectvalue in it and name it Group

So for this one you can for example put in a boolvalue and name it ‘ClientSided’ and if you check the box then it becomes this new type
And ofc u cant combine group and solo buttons


client sided are objects that appear when you enter a selected realm and it shows but if you don’t enter it, it doesn’t show. that’s how they work.

so something that is uh localeventscript?
sorry I don’t know scripts

this would be a good idea bcuz if it’s replaced with group buttons you don’t have to worry about waiting for the lazies

i really like this idea and would wanna see it in-game someday

I don’t like this idea since flood escape 2 is all about teamwork. I only think this would be good for events like the forgotten tomb event.

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Hang on this could be used in the pro server!

That realm would be a map
Maybe crazy coukd include it in the kit as its own object and it wouldnt affect normal and group button numbering

im not that experienced with scripts sorry
My only idea was just a client sided button