Suggestion: Features other than pressing buttons?

So I’ve recently thought of this because of Gentlbery’s video on maps that might be added. There was an unanchored block in one map and I thought of an idea:

What if u could push blocks, pick up items, or throw objects in order to progress through a level instead of just pressing buttons?

The concept of this is that there will be items like dynamite, rocks, crates, and other objects that would have their own unique properties to assist players to beat the map. Dynamite would blow things up, rocks could be throwable, and crates could either be lifted or pushed off of cliffs. So I’ve thought about this and here are some pros and cons that I have found. To prevent trolls, I’ve made items pickable for everyone with no limit


-Could expand the game’s horizons for map making:
This is my preference, but it might unlock tons of new possibilities for map makers to

-The skill gap might increase and make the game more competitive:
This is also my opinion, but if we had more varied obstacles, players might be introduced
to more challenges to overcome in which a plethora of players would compete to master
a skill in order to be proficient to completing a map

-It could just appear cool in general:
I mean, blowing stuff up, and pressing buttons with rocks by throwing them would be a
nice touch


-Would ruin the game’s simplicity
The game is already kinda hard for newer players, so adding these would make them lost
even more as a new aspect to the game would possibly confuse a lot of players anyway.

-This is speculation, but people with bad internet might have a hard time
Not sure how to describe this, but basically people with bad ping would experience
delays n stuff, dunno how to explain this to the fullest extent.

-Seems random
For a game that was just about pushing buttons and jumping off of the walls, this would
certainly be weird to have a map that has these options and contrast that to just the maps
that would involve just pushing buttons.

-Wayyy too difficult and complex
Depending on what Crazyblox so desires, this might end up causing a lot of frustration as
people wouldn’t understand what is going on.

I somewhat rushed on this :(((. But if you think you can respond please leave them down here


That’s a nice concept, I just don’t know how that would work across laggy clients.


Maybe players could hotkey to that item.

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Sounds interesting but the only problem I see would be the game being confusing and users with high ping having a bad time.

Crazyblox shouldn’t add an extremely different feature in to FE2 as it will indefinitely confuse many for sure. This could possibly be in a theoretical “FE3” game probably.

I think that would be really cool! Pressing buttons all the time eventually gets boring. I think it’s best to have complex features in maps that are only Hard+, so beginners can have a chance to understand the basic features. There’s a lot of games that have these types of things such as ToH, Deathrun, some fan-made games, and much more. I’d like it if we could see some different stuff in FE2 maps.

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