Suggestions for Tweak Settings Gui

(Formerly known as “Tweak Lighting Settings”)

Suggest me stuff for this GUI thingy.

Before you suggest something, look at this map for what I mean.
Tweak Lighting Settings map post.

Before you ask me to make a button that changes lighting technology (shadowmap to compatiblity)

Well I can’t because Technology.Lighting isn’t scriptable yet.

Gui that allows you to adjust the light settings with a range slider.
That might sound a little complicated, but it shouldn’t be that hard.

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bubble chat enable

Ok, I’m gonna scrap the entire map into a gui.

The map will still contain important things like the buttons (converted into gui)

And the neon parts that you can look at when testing some bloom or color correction effects

Stuff I may script will probably be the slider that aspa suggested. Which the brightness will go from 0.25 to 10 Brightness (1 brightness on default)

The problem is, How can I get a script to mention every single light instance? I can’t access the map model, or perhaps try scripting it to mention all light instances. Workspace won’t probably help tho.

Also I am scraping the map due to a reason.

1: All changes are global. (Do you realize sharing the map with a bunch of people and change the lighting on your screen too?)

2: Not enough space for all the buttons to fit in one place and it’s not portable.

3: Portable gui allows you to change the lighting whenever you want without having to go back in the map.

Ok. Here are some stuff I may add: (Maybe added, but marked as disabled)

Lighting Technology change (when technology becomes scriptable)

Bubble Chat Enabled (Possible?)

Light Brightness Slider (I’ll try tho)

and uhhh I don’t know anymore

I’m gonna come back to this and possibly finish the ui.

Also recently updated the compatiblity lighting replicator which should work alot better than last time.

This map is being turned into a gui so please wait until it’s finished. I forgot about this project.

That’s server sided btw. Not local