Sunny Ambients [WIP] ☀

Status: Gathering Support, Not Whitelisted, 10% done

ID: Sorry, no ID.

Description of Map
Hehe. Another of those nature maps, Yes, I like making them. Inspired on Starfruit_PvZ’s map, Magmafield and on @ArrQue_Spectator (robloxpies)'s Climbing up!

Pictures / Videos of Map-


New version

Music: Unknown, boi

not bad lol but im outta votes so :l

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How did you do those shadows?

its fine tho,

pls dont vote it until its finished xddd

it’s the ShadowMap lighting, it’s only a lighting type on studio

Oh ok

Looking good so far!

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It’s actually my favourite map that I’m working on, screw Different Themes xd

A bad update for this, like all of my maps!

  • Added Trees, detailed the planks for 1st button,

  • Changed lightning from >ShadowMap to >Compability

Cave part, WIP atm

i liked shadowmap better… and just an idea make atleast 3 multiple trees and dupe them

wdym, i dont get the tree part

The tree looks simple and is duplicated You should make atleast 3 types of trees and duplicate them


Deco can look a tad bit better. (Make a few tree models with branches/leaves, copy paste. Make cave section feel like a cave, use crystals on the walls, rocks on the ground, etc. Make crates instead of boxes.) Other than that, hope this goes well.

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Why shadow lighting? lol

was just seeing how it was, it’s now compability

thank you!

It’s from easy to normal, one part has lava so it’s gonna be a normal probably.

Looks nice. I need more pictures to vote though.

I’ll add new ones. and thanks!