Sunset Bloom ☀️ | Hard

☀️ Sunset Bloom ☀️

Hard map by DeltaAimee, pokemon_amm and Nitro_ii

Map Description:

You walk through ancient grounds, which represent what the Summer Solstice is about. There are many ancient symbols representing things. A wave, a leaf and a thunderstorm, racing through your head and passing by. Suddenly, land begins to crumble - and the water underneath collapses, scattered pieces, nowhere to be seen. Seem’s like the ancient spirits have got a hold of the place’s intruder, but they do seem to give you a chance. A chance to escape. A warning never to come back to their resting place, and disturb them again.

Map Changelog:

  1. July 29, 2018: Forum made; made the base foundation for regular map upgrades.

  2. July 30, 2018: Responded to user feedback, made changes to button marker alignments, Waterfall colour changes, button 2 route changes and behaviour changes.

  3. 15 December, 2018: Converted the map to EventString; raised water; added barriers to prevent cheating to other buttons; added parkour on the land bridge connecting button 3 to button 4

Map Images:

Map, ID:

ID: 1403912138

Play the map! Give us your feedback in the comments!


lol i uploaded them but they dont seem to be showing ;-;

ok ree

just play the map :b:oi

pls come back its up

it looks nice but one thing i have to say: the markers are kinda offcenter

wdym by markers?


ah ok ill try to fix that

I really like this map tho! Besides general confusion and the shaking, it’s a fun map to play!

just uploading my video now


wow, incredible map.

Map looks nice, but there’s just a couple minor problems. Here they are in picture form:

there’s texture clipping in this area ^

edges of terrain aren’t aligned

blue waterfall pouring into acid looks off

the waterfall texture is stretched

spawn should be invisible

box corners

misaligned button markers because you messed (modified) the plate union in the button. pls dont do that unless it’s just the color because it can mess things up (never change the sizes of anything (except for the walljump, and exit region / block) in the map kit (buttons, bubble, walljump, exit blocks)).

still a nice looking map. those are just minor details (except for the buttons those really need fixed if you want the map to actually get in the game)
dont worry i voted for it, your map is actually really nice. what i commented on is just for polishing your map. map itself looks really cool imo and you did a nice job on it!

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the walljump didn’t work for me, pls fix!

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did you hit the button before it? if you hit it it wouldve been moving with the beam

How long did that take you to type lol

Shorten it please.

If thats the problem maybe the creator didn’t
use Resize allign