Sunstopia [Hard] [30 VOTE! Thank you!] 🌎

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  • Sunstopia is a name of a planet local in another solar system. It is really far away from us for about 1k light year from our solar system. It is also a habitable planet like our Earth, but the life is more habit than us. But there is a strange strong earthquake that can make entire planet collapse and some days, the planet will be destroyed. It also affects to Sunsteria which that can make whole life in both planets are no longer habitable and the life will be destroyed!
  • Sunstopia Centre is a space centre that local in a big floating outspace city named β€œKrophition 2.0” in Sunstopia. It controlls whole events in Sunstopia. Which means the centre is the reason why there is an earthquake in it! There is no way to fix whole systems because of a virus that makes whole system lost its controll! THere is only way to be safe in Sunstopia and Sunsteria event is evacuating and going as far away from solar system as possible.

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Fun fact :earth_americas:

  • This is a rebuild map. The before was really cramped so I decide to remake it
  • One of a part of Outspace section (Sunstopia > Cryogenic Velocity > Outspace by ALFCreeper)
  • The spawn was a portal take you to Dragon Temple
  • It is My second finished (Or a working well) facility map
  • This map is an inspiration of Blue Moon, TRIA Resurgo, Forsaken Era and Sunset Temple
  • This is not Blue Moon or Dystopia’s copied or buffed. Please learn what β€œinspiration” is and watch your language

Small update

  • Nerfed the end
  • Some minor fixed
  • Delayed more the broken TV

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Buffed version:



Lastest video

I hope you guys enjoy my new Hard map. It is still buggy and there are alot of things that I need to fix. If you like it, please vote the map. :earth_asia: If there is something buggy, not good, please give me a feedback and suggestion.

Thats all I needed, you get a vote


this map is blue
gameplay is uble
details are lbue
everything is elbu

dis mapa gets a voterius from mi


Blue Sun.

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I will leak the new update into comment. And I still need to finish the tower part and the third room

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Blue Moon vibes

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Finished and fixed the tunnel


I used meshes to make it. It took me like 30 minutes to finish the tunnel

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Looks like a Dystopia buff lol
But cool map! +1 vote!
Oh wait, vote limit…

Blue moon but it is has sun and dystopia in the name

Asd. You cna remove one map if you dont need lol

ikr .

i expect yellow abuse

but blue abuse instead


Sunstopia is now playable. ID: 2479397645

i thought sunstopia is gonna be a village

I wish it was lol. But Sunsteria map will be a village cliffside map.

25% of map copy from Blue Moon (But No)

No lmao! How do I copy Blue Moon?

Dex v2 H4X

Layout of the last room

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