Sunstopia [Hard] [30 VOTE! Thank you!] 🌎


Very nice building and gameplay! Took me a while to beat, not sure if its normal level at this point but really good!

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Oh hi, Delta

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Is there anything to fix the gameplay in the map? And about the difficulty?

I forgot that the tunnel was broken. i will fix it

I would consider this level a Hard. It took me a while to figure out how to get to the first button (you have to squeeze yourself through some parts) and also when players (like me) who tend to play in Low Detail Mode, some neon parts can appear transparent and can throw the player off.

Also, there’s a water bug in the large room where the first button is placed. The water doesn’t extend over the whole room so there are areas where you can survive for longer.

i love the cryostetic velocity details, they look amazing!

Oh! Wew… I can make the neon glasses into plastic instead of neons because neons can be invisible if there is a glass material, you know there are some glass material in this map like the glass in 2 first button. Oh ya and I can do other gameplay like make the player go inside of the tunnel and then go to the security room (room with 2 first button) instead of going outside and go sideway lol. Wew… Sorry about the map because I messed up the gameplay. I dont have the ideas fix it and also, my brain is going oofed lol. Wew… thanks for the feedbacks, I will try to do like your said and then fix some issues. If you like the map, please vote it and give it a heart. Thank you!

maybe add doors to the map, like, just suggesting lol

I added alot of doors lol. What doors I will add?

uhh idk, my brain is kinda fried xD

the details are amazing, just like Cryostetic Velocity, but without pink

I swer, I 'd WISH to build like that

Lol arent we talking about Sunstopia?

i was saying that this map’s details are amazing, just like cryostetic velocity but without pink

Lol thx! Oh ya btw, the survival room in Sunstopia will be the lift in Cryo.

ayyy np :>

can’t wait for sunsteria

Sunsteria will be after Water System. :>

oh ok soundes nices :>>>>>

Resurgo? Icytrivago!

xD guess i am just stupid after all! :man_facepalming:

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