[SuperBuffed!] The Desert Meltdown By Jawacraft21

My English are bad lololol xd

BTW Don’t use free models

I don’t want the map to get added on the official game, it’s mean why I am using free models. I am so sorry about that. :frowning:

Looks pretty nice, but @Crazyblox wouldn’t put it in the real game if there are any free models.

What about this LOL


W8 I may be stupid but if this map is new theN IT’S NOT FAIR THAT CRAZY ONLY WHITELISTED UR S

Idk, I have 6 Maps Slot on my Inventory and my Dev acc Inventory

I’m happy you were at least honest about using free models, but it’s still never a good sign. Try making things in your map yourself!

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Wait a second that last pic. That I have seen somewhere in discord.

ooooooh it’s yummy i want to eat that cake :yum::yum:

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Yeah XD

lol I don’t really think its detailed xd

i liked it though

Do u know me ?

here’s that revive a dead post star you ordered :star:

“Silent” desert

this is outdated post, this map is already revamped.

The replies on this post are so spread out…

Super buffed

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why are you here this isoutdated post ;-;

Desert Insanity [Revamp] -- Verified this is the revamp ver