Taking a break from map test and roblox

This is going to happen next month.
Also I won’t be uploading Roblox videos, except for Minecraft.

I just play FE2 and Roblox every day. I need a break, so I’ll be offline from my Roblox account for a whole month, and the forums (I’ll be online, but I’ll just read posts or make an alt)

Wonder what people will say about this. I already have a friend I’m annoyed of me saying, “join me in map test”, “map test please”, “dude join”

It’s none of ya, he is not on the forums. It’s zillion895 (he is a map creator, but I think his building is bad)

Ok. Time for a forum minigame!

When I’m gone for a month (I’ll come back in April) I want ya to pm me, @ me and anything to fill up my notifications.

K bye (don’t ask for map test again zillion while I’m taking a break)


that’s not how to take a break


how to piss of an inactive user

@zillion @zillion @zillion

@InocularGaming @InocularGaming @InocularGaming

Bye @InocularGaming

We are waiting you in april ; )

I’ll take a break in march guys. So I’ll still be around until march. I just take a break and done.

Ima take a break now. So wait for me in April everyone. As of this reply, I will no longer be active on the forums.