TANK (2) | Pressurized

Pressurized Tank

The Pressurized Tank,
2 tanks, Low pressure ( Cheap ) High pressure ( VERY EXPXENSIVE )

The reason high pressure costs a lot is because the water is so high in so high pressure that if the player is in a map with a roof, it will look crazy! Requesting lower pressure on high pressure tank if it’s low detail mode

Price: 30 Coins - Description: It stores water, badly… -
Price - 200 Gems - Description: EXPLOSSIONNNNN!!

Picture of these both tanks:

Yellow is the low pressure and blue is the high pressure!

Also keep in mind this tank is twin, meaning they are two of the same kind.

This is lame xD

So they are 2 seperate tanks rite

yeah …

I meant by the twin thing is… They are 2 seperate they are not combined to make a jet pack or something.

they’re… ok and simple i guess
not the best but cool

wait this thing will explode in the water

as i believe, the high pressure one in reality is yellow