[Tank] Arrow

Tank Info:
Name: Arrow
Price: 350 Coins
Parts in Tank: 5 Parts
Unions: 1 Union
Meshes: None
Creator: ReinFreD22
Description: Oh my god… he literally just stole an arrow…


I thought it would be a different kind of arrow but cool


What map did the person steal the arrow from :thinking:
The person ripped it off clean lol
(I’m talking about the Roblox character with the arrow by the way)

he made it himself it’s obvious he didn’t steal it off a map lol

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pointing towards heaven

HeY1!1! YoU StOle aN ArrOW11!1!1

NoW I donT evEN knOw WhErE to GO1!1!1!1!11

Anyways nice.

I know I meant the person with the arrow as a joke