[Tank] Bloxy Tank

AngeryCL intro plays
Hi guys today i’m going to show you my latest “air tank” I made for the game Flood Escape 2. It doesn’t look as good as the previous two i’ve made, but I am glad that I have submitted this one.
Okay so:
Name: Bloxy Tank
Part count: 30 normal parts & the Center part
Description: Got your button stolen? Bloxy Tank at your service.
Bonus Feature (crazyblox, script this :slight_smile: ) When having this tank equppied and have performed the Play Dead emote, any player walking over you will emit a bass boosted “oof” sound, not a very loud one though.

Have a nice day and good luck for school/work

n i c e

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That’s literally looks like a LEGO. Also, remember that LEGO is copyrighted.


body seems uclear, smh

i dont see anything it has to do with the bloxy’s so you might wanna change the name but ok

it’s just an overdetailed lego brick wow how original :clap: :clap: :clap:

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hello guys is it the me
is it the not me
today we will be not checkingout the bloxy tank
because it’s a lego brick
Videogamedunkey outro

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thought it was gonna be a bloxy statue but it was just a lego brick. cool tho

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something you should do is to make it look like a tank more of a LEGO.

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I mean he didn’t put the LEGO decal or angery would be sued

i feel like i got clickbaited but not

funyyy we all did

They didn’t just use the stud surface so this is pretty good

An escapee has fallen into a river in castle tides
Start a new rescue air tank
Build an air tank
And off to the rescue

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A man has fallen into the river in lego city
Roll the rescue meatballs