[TANK] Briefcase: REMAKE

Name: Briefcase
Price: 1000 Coins


the logo has an outline and it looks ugly. the case is also pretty blocky you should try making it more smooth by adding more wedges, or negating parts and unioning them.

i think it’s rather simple. maybe just add a few extra details to it?

ill update it later

Amazing details, nice design for the Briefcase tank! :+1:

Not bad, but too big

How do you not see this alter?

can you read the word “more”

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yes but 4 is enough. Briefcases are square-ish irl.

For the tank itself, i quite like this. it’s unique, and I would buy it. Maybe make it a little smaller, and with that logo in the corner, try putting it on its own part, setting the colour to black, and then altering its transparency.

you have a vote!

Lmao I don’t think people understand that tanks don’t need to be so detailed, this tank’s blockiness and its simplicity makes it all the better

imma remake this piece of garbage

The new Briefcase is now done!