TANK | Composition C-4


for those of you nerds who think it’s a good idea to write “free mesh” in the comments below
you guys gotta remember that i was paid 20k robux for retexturing a sword for crazyblox
the fact that it’s a mesh you can grab off of roblox doesn’t matter at all


Name: C-4 (or Composition C-4 if you want to hit the character minimum)
Description: bomb has been planted
Creator: y3_th (@y3th2 on twitter)
ID: 4492057519 (Note: This is not a map ID! Do not use this in FE2 Map Test!)

Part Count: 2




i will make a video later i promise

ok idk

dark sci facility with composition c-4


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legit just a roblox mesh just as a tank

if you made it yourself that would be nice

I’ll C4 you later!

literally the swords in fe2

it’s just a free mesh lol

literally the swords in fe2
also im planning to add some scripts to make it seem like more than just one part strapped to someone’s back

you can’t add scripts lol

yeah just realized thanks
tried to find a workaround but FAILED :pensive:

C4, exxproshun !!!

ok guys im thinking of doing facility 51 for the video
and i might showcase a skin at the same time :thinking:

ok fine i’ll add one extra part

haha i didn’t add a part
i just took the center and made it bigger

you really want to bomb fe2

@rokoblox5 Excuse me, can you just delete that?

you really want to bomb rokoblox5’s post

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