[Tank] Crazybus

Price: 500 Coins
Pieces used: 6 Parts, 5 Unions, 5 Meshes
Description: Watch out everyone, here comes the Crazybus!

ngl, but that price is insane imo!

At least it’s not in gems

It’s too big

crazybus vroom vroom
crazybus crazybus vroom vroom vroom vroom

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Thank you Denimated for this legendary video

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ok low oof battery boi

i mean people exagerate in prices just because they made the item they think it’s very good
that’s because of the ego in them

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As always, this is another original idea, something that i like, but there are some facts that i dont like:

Price: 5000 Is too much, i think like 300-1000

Design: A bit blocky and at the front of the bus there’s Crazyblox’s head which looks a bit out of place, i recommend you have it less flat and remove the textures of it ad replace them with the same purple of the bus but more lighter, fixing that i would vote this :+1:

Yes this is just perfect

@Irla Helo :cowboy_hat_face:


:sweat: :imp:

hello cowboy matzareb

Matzare :b: us :rofl::joy::ok_hand:

sut up