[TANK] Daily Dose

Description: When you escape a flood at 7 but need to take meds at 8

Other info: Comes in other colors like blue, purple, green, and yellow.


I didn’t even try on this one…

this looks lazily made

I’m aware of that.

Now make FE2 Item Submissions it’s a trend in FE2 :sunglasses:

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the purple one looks way too similar to the blue one

yeah i know i changed the color after this post was made

updating later because im lazy

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daily dose of crazyboc forums

daily dose of internet

daily dose of memes

daily dose of online school trolling

sAyInG tO tEaChEr:

iF u pResS Alt + F4 yOu wIlL sTaRt rEcOrDiNg

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