[Tank] Dyson sphere

made by: talalosomg
number of parts: 81 parts in total (4 unions) (77 parts)
Description: no more energy to waste

Link: https://web.roblox.com/catalog/4538882723/tank-Dyson-Sphere

cool tank, should be added

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Looks nice imo


Amazing details, nice design! I like the tank you made.
Great job! :+1:

recommend me a good price for this

500 coins or 200 gems

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Looks very nice, the problem is that may cause lag in the game, that may be worse if in a full server of Chaos Button (i dont know if that was the name) where people is using this tank, but i vote this tank :+1:

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hmm i mean what if i remove the tiny platforms
that will be 6 parts

Well, that would be your decision.

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