[Tank] Flood Staff

Name: “Flood Gem Staff”
Cost: 1000 Gems
Description: “Only the most Elite Pro Players (EPP) could achieve this”

Note: If you want the model , DM me personally at HarshMCPE#9904
The staff shown is under shadowMap Lighting

Not bad
Reminds me of the torch tank in FE2 >_>
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nice uwu

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ya uhh couldve been better but you know , i am just overall bad


This really fits the details, and I really like how the staff looks like! I hope this gets added to FE2! :smile:
Great job on making the tank. You deserve a vote. :+1:

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That is absolutely epic boi

I just wish that crazy actually checks this lol. Also I will add the part count soon

There’s already a flood staff by @HeroesPlays.

Excuse me, my staff is a Air Bubble Staff not Flood.

Oh yeah! You didn’t double check the names of the tank/staff Bloxpixel

BloxPixels Staff is gem, not Flood.

You misinterpreted it, he meant that bloxpixel has to check again before saying

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The staff is flood gem staff , not gem staff

thx for 9 votes

10 votes now

Hey uhh can this get more undeserved attention??