(Tank) Flying-Machina

Another tank by me. (idk why i keep making them its just fun making them i guess)

Part count: 20.

Name (ingame if it gets added): Flying Machina
Description: Who doesn’t like flying?
Price: 30 gems

(note: idk how to code but i hope i get help for it to do this when you jump, the particles in the back light up, i’ll show you)
This would happen when you jump:

when your running or just standing in place:
(without humanoid)

with humanoid:

ill probably update this but for now this is the prototype and ill update it to make it look more futuristic

particle Pain


Particles aren’t that great.

The design is subpar I’m not gonna lie. The neon strips look odd for a jetpack but its conveying the future so whatever.

Another issue with it is how small the cylindrical wires are. How would it appear to be attached to the player?

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ill add that. that legit was the prototype

machine from GD
looks pretty ok

not bad but kinda plain

forgot to show that there are these things that would stick to the player


jetpack joyride on ANOTHER level

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ok lol