TANK | Gold Bars (in-game)

Description: Golds, you stole it aaa

Creator: CryoHellish

4 Unions
3 ParticleEmitters
1 MeshPart


Version 1:


Front view:

View with r6 rig:

Update 2 - version 1.8

  • Added a knot at the rope
  • Made a small curve at the gold bar (see picture below)

Gold bar’s side view (notice the small curve):

Front view yes the rope is glowing:

View with r6 rig yes this rope is really glowing:

Enjoy your stolen golds!

This is so nice! I like the idea that “you stole the gold”


i mean its just gold with a band holding it there’s not much that can be done here so
4/10? its really basic but you do ‘basic’ right. could’ve been some container of sorts.

Well, I don’t see the point of making a detailed tank since most tanks are pretty simple and we don’t want lag… So… Idk?


Overdetailed tanks aren’t needed, already enough lag in FE2, thanks.

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how do you make that epic low poly build style

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wow! very cool!


I never seen you this active before xd


looks simple and neat.

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it looks fine but it lacks creativity… 7.5/10

I have some ideas to make another update

Idk but, what if I bring a cheap tank into here and submit? You would say no so. I think FE2 based of simple shapes and I think golds doesn’t have much details as much when in real life, it really almost looks like it. While I make it, I could think that it is a bit lack of details so I added a bit of effects, I will get ideas and make this more detailed maybe soon

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New update (see the topic).

nice! really original!


Congrats for this in game

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that’s damn nice that you have it in-game now

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