TANK | Insane - Crazy Medal

Status: Available item for submission, looking forward to getting suggested


C O N C E P T - D E S C R I P T I O N &
W H Y - Y O U - S H O U L D - U S E - T H E - I T E M

  • Ability to edit the medal image with the map beaten (Insane - Crazy maps perspective to tank variants) can be made possible with checking whether the player owns a badge of certain maps.
  • Relatively good price, with the Crazy medal being much more expensive, game developer decides the official price if items are successfully submitted.
  • Both items requires the player having at least 1 map beaten of the particular difficulty in order to have the items available.
  • Good way to flex your achievement after beating a map and be very happy with your skill.
  • Imagine someone calling you a noob then you put on this item.
  • This item looks nice.

Insane Medals:

  • 15 BaseParts (exclude unions)
  • 3 unions

Crazy Medal:
Being slightly more complex than the insane variants, this item has more BaseParts.

  • 44 BaseParts (exclude unions)
  • 3 unions

D E S I G N S / I M A G E S

Image includes: Insane Medal variant 2, Insane Medal variant 1, Crazy Medal (image order from left to right)


Insane Medals:

  • Both Insane Medal Variants have the same design, having different color scheme that are good which is hard to decide which works better for the game.
  • High amount of effort has been put into the badge.
  • Made in Roblox Studio fully by Cryoheat, well-optimized.
  • Average amount of details, not overwhelming or undetailed.
  • Through many design changes and consideration.
  • It has particles, perfect.

Crazy Medal:

  • Has all the details that the Insane Medal has, with some improvements to show that you get bigger reward for beating maps in harder difficulty.
  • Better ribbon design.
  • Has 2 neon dots that leaves a trail as you make movements, it feels very rewarding in action, believe me.
  • Distinct design from the Insane Medals’, makes it more attractive.

Extra detail:

The ribbons are actually curved as shown in the picture below:

  • Blue-ish tint
  • Gold tint

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