[Tank Submission] DJ Mixset (12 votes! πŸŽ‰)

:warning:I am going to improve this so please leave criticism!:warning:

Name: Mixer 360.
Coins: 250.
Part Count: 21.

Description: The mixer that Navola uses. Looks like there are some of his OST’s playing.

Version 2 took me a while so, I Hope you like this! If you do, make sure to vote!
I am accepting criticism since this is my first tank. Second one coming out soon!


I want some criticism so I can see some things I can change.


Seems long tbh

lets get this party started

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It is, but I am gonna make it shorter later on in Version 2.


Attention! I am updating this tonight with better pictures and detail! Make sure to get ready for that!

i see a lot of decals/textures

maybe try to make it to a model kinda?

I will. I made the disc one that’s it. So only two textures in total.

Update coming soon.

Edit: gonna work on it all day tomorrow and it won’t have version 2 till tomorrow.

can you show what it looks like on a player’s back?

I will later.

how could this took a day? :thinking:
this looks like it could be made in 10 - 15 minutes

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ikr lol

The decals took me a while to make. But, since this is my first tank, I am gonna improve it so it can maybe get in the game. I’ll make polls later.

Version 2 is out!

lol revive

when roblox studio finally works