[Tank Submission] Fallen Star

Fallen Star (originally called Star in 2020)

I finally remade this embarrassment.

  • Status: Gathering Support
  • Price: 50 Gems


Equipped on player:


The side of the tank:

make the bottom angles more horizontal bazed and make it neon
but cool
(actually no. just raise the bottom angle’s rotation)


Cool, I guess, but it more decal than a building for me :/

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Looks like a decal more than a tank (like Time said), should look more 3D shaped

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why did you decide to update this after 1 whole year

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The old version of the tank was such an embarrassment

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this new one is cool tbh

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Cool star, tastes funny tho. +Vote


I like the tank! You could add star particles.

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the tank already has particles

it is just a star lol

what else do you want me to add

nothing lol, it looks cool
i wasnt complaining or anything