[TANK SUBMISSION] Gem Lantern Pack!

I made 5 gem lanterns from yesterday, so I made this submission post.

Price: 150 GEMS
Description: The most valuable lantern in the Flood Escape history.

Image of the Gem Lantern/Equipped on the player:

Remember: They’re recolored from the Ruby Gem Lantern.

List of the Gem Lantern.

Ruby Gem Lantern:


Diamond Gem Lantern:


Amber Gem Lantern:


Emerald Gem Lantern:


Amethyst Gem Lantern:


Alright! I hope you guys like it, and vote this tank submission.

Also, notice these gem lantern have PointLight!

the colours are pretty bad you could’ve just made the fire in the colour since the carcass blends in with the fire it looks weird ngl i suggest making the carcass in some dark grey or brownish

Eh… The colors looks fine to me.

the diamond could be sapphire
is amber a gem?

i like those

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because of your map AB


just coz he likes a tank in a color of a map of his doesnt mean it is coz of the map bruh

that was a joke as you can see


Yes, it is.