[Tank Submission] Jetpack

is it a tank? is it a seat convertible?
alternate name for it is Malfunctioned Jetpack
(purchasing this product will not give you the ability to fly)

  • Price: 1200 Coins (will prob change)

  • Images


  • Small Change (as of 3/26/21)
    reduced parts and minor details so that it’s under 100 parts

whoa what the heck this is cool

y e s
also, would be cool if there was a water jetpack variation

how the-

a bit too much detail, but this looks pretty good

holy this is amazing

how many parts tho, i think 100 is max idk


i unioned them all so it’s lesser parts :trolleybus:
but i dont know if that counts

oh no what have u done

Unions are worse as they cause more lag

Undo it more parts is better than a union

However u could convert it to a mesh

ill try

is it a masterpiece?

SmallBoi not BigBoi

ik im cringe but its very good and yes im so stupid ok bye

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i will die you


oh noes

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funny jetpack joyride

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this onee still awesome