[Tank Submission] Torch V2

Name: Torch
Price: 100 Coins
[9 Parts and 1 Mesh]
Note: I did NOT copy BloxPixel’s Gem Torches.
Update Note: Rope at the middle and handle is a bit small.

Picture [Updated]:

Simple yet effective… I like it! +1

I’m going to call the FBI for copying bloxpixel


bruh its a normal torch

He didn’t copy my gem torches. And, doesn’t mean that he was trying to copy my gem torches? No, he didn’t copy mine. Lol

well yes but no

A nice, simple detailed torch. Great job! :+1:

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This torch was what the people use to burn down familiar ruins
lol -flamestorna

Uh… No, he didn’t.

tell me a reason… if you don’t answer in the next hour, he stole your idea

He don’t steal my idea.

you are 3hrs late I’m right

TBH, I was playing ROBLOX.

honestly I don’t see any idea stealing

but lava burn fe1 lobby

bloxpixel’s torch is thin

My Torch:
-No gem at the bottom
-My torch is big, BloxPixels Torch is small and thin
-The Fire is NOT the same

Yeah, look at the picture that he post.