[TANK] Tank Tank

Title: Tank Tank
Price 30 - 35 gems
Desc: So basically the tank is a LITERAL tank.


Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5: (on player)

Picture 6: (on player)

This is the end of the details for the “Tank Tank”.
Please let me know down in the description if you want me to improve it some more. Thank you!

P.S. Please no hate. This is my first tank ever made. You can give opinions but no hate please.

i voted my own thing XD


i know i just suck a building things

Also, please don’t vote your own map or tank, it is frowned by the community

btw im really new i joined last night

so idk that

Yeah, now that you know this fact, you should read the

and participate in our minigames and take help from others :+1:

I suggest you to corner this up with wedges :triangular_ruler:

frowned upon you mean

yes :slight_smile:

this is a tank, not a maplol

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toy tanks


no im not ashamed but i actually am

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the idea has a lot of potential, but the build is really bad. sorry.


more like

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Coolio but I think it shouldnt be rotated 45 degrees when on player because it looks weird

I thought it was like a tank inside a tank.

Well, i understand that this is your first tank, looks very nice and original idea, but the tank is a little blocky, and there are 2 colors, green and black, i recommend you to add a color like camo. I vote this tank :+1:

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awful details, too blocky…

Why is even name “Tank”