[TANK] Time Tank [16 VOTES!]

Informations about the tank:

Name: Time Tank
Parts: 6
Unions: 4
Total Parts: 10
Price: 200 Coins (Maybe 10 gems)


First tank of TimeNotDesign, Inspired in Eternal Clockwork.


Without Dummy:
Anotação 2020-03-23 210353
Anotação 2020-03-23 210355
Anotação 2020-03-23 210354
Anotação 2020-03-23 210118

With Dummy:

Anotação 2020-03-23 211755
Anotação 2020-03-23 211756 Anotação 2020-03-23 211754
Anotação 2020-03-23 211753

If you like it, vote, I hope you enjoy it!

I suggest resizing it a bit. Other than that, it’s good.


Hello, thanks for the feedback and the suggestion about the tank, I will try to resize it a bit tomorrow! :+1:

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memento mori. unus annus.

anyway i like its design. feel free to dm me on twitter (@xXHaloEpicXx) or on discord (Halo#1234) if you would like to add the tank to flood escape ultra

Wow, my tank in a game? This it’s awesome! But I don’t have Twitter or Discord, so I can’t… I can DM you in forums… Also, thanks for feedback.

I can do forums but it can take up to a day for me to respond because I’m not too active here

It’s not a problem to me. I will send it.


It’s very big
i mean, too big

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Looks amazing
Needs resizing tho

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Way too huge

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woah man

For @alter , @DMinecraft999 and @CryoHellish, In this day, I will resize it, I’m just waiting my turn in computer…

Also, thanks for the feedback (and thanks for your feedback @Overminted).

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although way too big

Thanks for the feedback! I will resize it, I’m just waiting my turn in computer.

dude the gears of time exist

I know, but this was inspired in Eternal Clockwork and it’s not inspired in Gears Of Time


Thanks for the one word feedback! lol


That looks really cool :ok_hand: