(Tank) Time Warp Signs


Gems: 50 - 100
Category: Tanks
Description: Maybe if I go fast enough I could go to the past/future!
Part Count: 14 (28 if you count both tanks)

(Yes this is The Time Warp Sign from Sonic CD)

I’d say make it a bit smaller, good tank though!

Thanks for the feedback!


Good Tank, The Detail Is Simple, I Like It!
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The past :pensive: and

I guess the future


me when the past and the future are the same

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  • The stand pole seems to be big, I suggest making it thin since I would imagine you would move slowly and fall over.
  • I suggest changing the gray diamond plate pole into metal material. Look at the red line I draw for example.

In that case, it looks good.

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So realistic

Ok. I fixed it. Does it look any better?

And is it supposed to look like this in the explorer?
Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 8.52.08 AM
Also thanks for the feedback!

I think so :slight_smile:

Ok! Thanks for telling me!

Lol I finally noticed you made a Future sign XD

I made The “Future” Sign Yesterday.

I guessed that because I saw this post yesterday.

Oh that’s why you didn’t noticed the Future sign


I was checking through my notifications and I saw this.

Oh ok

Uhhh… No. You are supposed to make the pole thin.

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