(Tank) Toad's Analyzation Concept

hello there, @Toad recently created a tank concept and I decided to build it because I’m bored xdxd (he gave me permission to make this)
This post is the original concept:

This isn’t intended for FE2 as it would probably use scripts which are prohibited (also how would the right beam work??? toad answer me
Info: (Taken from the concept post)
Price: 100 Gems
This is a special tank that can analyze a map’s info.
Take Buried Oasis: In one tank, a green beam: in the other, the water in the map, that would eventually change to acid when the water changes to acid.

(The drawing lol)

The left beam is the difficulty and the right beam is the liquid type.


this is actually cool and creative! i might think of concepts too, but i’ll think of more creative concepts. +1 vote from me

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thanks for making this, it looks really cool


and yes it would use scripts
@Crazyblox make fe2cm item whitelisting

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also, @ExtremeMaster999 i’ll recommend that you should animate the tank to make the water and acid look like its fusing together.

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looks pretty good!

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why mention tho