(Tank) Truss-T Tank (Updated)

Description: A tank that you can rely on. You can also double your asserted dominance on someone with the T-Pose emote.

This tank was made possible with the recreation of a normal TrussPart with Parts, as you cannot increase or decrease the size of trusses, only the length.

By the way, this tank is complete. No new updates will be applied on this tank, except minor fixes.

Price: 100 Coins

Part Count: 10 Parts + 2 Unions

  • Unioned trusses: 40 parts per truss



Removed valve


DETAILED the whole tank again because its pretty bland


removed neon and replaced with SmoothPlastic


btw this picture below is voxel so there’s the weird yellow ambient

Old Pictures


Size comparison with ordinary truss for scale

On Person (Ordinary truss for scale)


on person

neon ew

Try giving me suggestions on how to improve this tank cause this is my first tank.

K, thanks for stopping by this post.

Looks nice but idk about that sphere or whatever that is on the T. It doesn’t fit in. Also creative idea ok lol

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ok gonna remove it when i get back on rblx studio

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the valve should

be kinda blocky to fit in or should be deleted in general


Why does it remind me of Christian cross?

Description should be: Truss me, this is a tank lol

it doesn’t even look like a Christian cross

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i like it

k removed valve

Ok guys, I’m gonna detail this tank and that’s the last update for this tank before it’s finished

finally did the detail after 11 days h and btw this tank is complete no more updates (except suggestions by ppl)

probably there will be that guy that says neon spam


ok then I’m removing neon

small revive. finally bothered to do this as I’m literally too hooked on to Miner’s Haven (a game I play)

removed neon and replaced with smoothplastic