[TANK] Twin Dragons Tank

Part Count: 59 (Containing 4 Unions)
A dragon must protect its treasure.

Also if there is a way to test tanks pls tell me. Also Thank you DM for helping me make it rotate i am way to dum when it comes to things like that ;—;


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take my vote now


lol Tysm honestly wouldn’t have done it without U Q.Q :bowing_man: tyty


another very cool creation

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ty il tryy thatt

I need help tho- what is a humanoid root part and how do i attach it with the tank;_;

it’s the primary part of your character and should be at your torso

How do i attach it tho, or so i not need to??;w;

wait what do you mean by attaching it?

So im assuming i dont need to lol, there just has to be a part near the root then? Or am i misunderstanding what a center is supposed to be lol

i do think so
there needs to be a part that is the center and positioned at the root part

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Okii dokii tyy

yooo this is so cool
arrolin approves


the item testing kit is broken and i have no plans to fix it

oh ok