[Tank] USSR

Desc (описание): USSR Anthem starts playing
Pics (картинки) (sorry gradimir. i had to put you because you’re a russian and i am a ukrainian xddd):

Price (цена): 1 RUB (coins) [because there was communism and capitalism in ussr]
Теперь вы меня не поймёте. Да, хоть я и украинец, я всё равно говорю по русски :smiley:
Америкосы, доставайте гугл транслейт и переводите!! >:D

wtf dud

for memes xdd

Ima translate it

btw why cant we ping everyone xd

honestly im not impressed

stop pinging everyone for attention

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Ussr logo is upside down
Not approved by comrades


Did I have the “@“ on everyone be. No

but you dont ping random people for attention

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