TANKS | Phone [ Updated a bit ]

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why is it wood

anyways its ok but the wedges are different colour othr than the base so it looks weird

i think it should be metal becuase i dont think they were wood phones in the 1980


Looks ugly
I don’t think people used wood phones and 6 buttons

i updated it a bit and @DMinecraft999 i didn’t put 10 buttons it would really ugly if i did so, and if i made it bigger, it won’t fit the dummy size.

group it, use resize tool, resize it. you can literally make it big then resize it later.

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no, i don’t want to put 10 buttons it will still look ugly to me, idk what you think

and another thing, it’s actually a pocket air conditioner, really the phone thing is a joke because it doesn’t look like a pocket air conditioner.

wood eh so i can chop it with a chainsaw noice

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Oh, boy. It’s a brand new iPhone 11 production. I can’t wait to buy it. Omg.

no this is iphone 12

Wrong, it’s an air conditioner cuz my ear is cold

walkie talkie

Everyone knows that the user banned.

Somebody call the admins so we can add this to official fe2.
I’m just joking you actually think i wanna get this added? Haha, think again fools.

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I am the user bro

Too bad

hmmmmm where tank go

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