Technological Clearing Remake πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

This Map Is A Remake Of The Classic Technological Clearing By EmeraldStan16!
Status: Completed, Gathering Support
ID: 1105194927
Difficulty: Easy
Creator: KaylaAndKyleYT (original by EmeraldStan16)
Buttons: 7 (3 Group)
BGM: Waterflame - Swirl!


Hope You Enjoy My Newest Map And 3rd Forum Post!

Rhyls2050 for helping me make the minecarts
EmeraldStan16 for being the original creator of this map

Eh it could be better in some places but it looks ok.

delete the middle outlines in the boxes so it looks like a perfect remake

also the music was spring yard zone

ik the music was spring yard zone but i honestly thought it was a bit boring so i changed it ok

spring yard moment

but even if it’s boring you should keep it to the original this one doesn’t even fit in entirely


It looks ok

looks accurate but jesus christ low graphics neon

Nice atmosphere, but you should add more decorations. All there is is always the same rusty tin and the same neon crate.

add something else

I don’t know why but remakes are popular in the forums right now.


i agree brwinpa

also as seen in the post of the map, theres pine trees at the top of the map

I like how every single person it’s notreading the title (atleast soem of them)

not everybody know this is a remake of another person’s old map and not the creator’s old map lol!

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this is what i mean

they have read the title but they thought this was a remake of the remaker’s old map and not somebody else’s…what im trying to go for here is: Not everybody know this is an old map remake and is supposed to look as close as possible to it. so you cant really blame them.

I know, but,if you’re going to do an opnion, atleast you have to know what are you talking about. But welp, now with your reply mayeb them get a better idea of whats this map?

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depend if they read it or not :pensive:

what do you mean I’m literally trying to help make it more accurate lol

heres some more inaccuracies:


the boxes have granite outlines with nothing in the middle of each side.

the torches dont use the roblox fire, and theyre made out of reddish brown?


different box placement



these use granite and not what im seeing in the pictures


different terrain




and of course…

pine tree at top :troll: