Technological Destruction [Crazy]

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support.

– Description of Map –

ID: 1613285099 2974027786 (NEW ID UNTIL ROBLOX FIXES OVERWRITE MODELS, and yes it will still be receiving updates.)

Background Music: ScratchR - Fury

Estimated Time To Complete: 1:30~1:35

Part Count: 3563

My first Flood Escape 2 map that seems pretty okay, please do leave feedback so I can improve next time! The map mostly contains white, blue and red.

Epilepsy Warning - Map contains tons of flashing lights and very bright light.
The flashing lights and moving lava syncs with the beat though it won’t be as nice when it lags, lighting is manipulated to achieve the synced flashing light.
Technological Destruction has a small boss-fight part where the player has to avoid being shot by two huge characters wielding a mini-gun and sniper rifle, glass is shattered by the bullets and players can’t stop moving. Lastly, there is a button puzzle at the end similar to Flood Escape 1 but players have a time limit of 14 seconds before the room is filled with lava.

– September 13, 2019 –

Technological Destruction has been updated plenty of times, the only thing that stopped me from creating any crazier was the EventString filter, but now that’s gone and I’ve put something into Technological Destruction. I will also be explaining some of the things people may not understand.

Anti-cheat - :wink:

Nerf/Unnerf Button - It can only be pressed by the VIP Server Owner or you if you’re in Solo, if it’s red a message at the top saying “You are playing the easier/unnerfed version.” as you can tell in this mode the entire map is easier. When the button is green, the unnerfed version has been turned on, the first room becomes incredibly more difficult and the second room safety nets have been removed, 1st tower is slightly harder, the sniper shoots slightly faster and in the last room there is an extra button on the left.

Mysterious Circle - Nine circles, what could it mean?

– Pictures / Videos of Map –

Most updated videos on Technological Destruction:
Nerfed by Artexziz

Unnerfed by KonemoCromatsu

Extreme by Pun9425

Deus Ex Machina by Pun9425

Extreme Mode victors with video:

  1. JastreetYT (Outdated)
  2. Pun9425 (First person view)
  3. BenjaThePROXD
  4. lemdude39
  5. EduardoSO (No gameplay)
  6. Kriscross102 (Mobile)
  7. alex28901 (Mobile)
  8. Diamond Splash
  9. Not_xz (High pitched?)
  10. Zectsters
  11. BaoTuan_pilot
  12. Creeperswag5 (LDM)
  13. _ JustShapeThat
  14. DoggyBoy9473
  15. ZappyZooms
  16. Karrosz
  17. Aethisticalization
  18. Shadowbonnie200625
  19. buitiendung12
  20. aber75

Extreme*2 / Deus Ex Machina Mode victors with video (OLD):

  1. Pun9425
  2. Not_xz
  3. aber75
  4. Shadowbonnie200625

Extreme*2 / Deus Ex Machina Mode victors with video (UPDATED):

  1. Pun9425
  2. aber75

Thank you guys for the support, Deus Ex Machina will likely be the last mode of Technological Destruction.

  • If I’m not wrong my friend Deselt2 was the first to beat TD extreme on mobile when I was playing FE2 Map Test with him.

Using gyzao for pictures? Why not screenshot and directly put them here


But anyways, I watched the video, it looks great and it doesn’t look like FE2 at all!



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cool map veryfakeguest


oml how do you do dis
looks so cool :000000
and you seem familiar :thinking:


he’s the creator of overflow [the fe2 fan made]



map cool me impressed


o i c


i just realised that some rooms are actually quite blocky


Overuse of neon, especially bright. Doesn’t look too nice, considering that it shows a very big contrast with the surroundings. Looks cool but the neon ruins it.

Also the name, I suggest that you shouldn’t have a map that has the name along of “ruins” or “destruction”.


So good :open_mouth:

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I really like how it only plastic and neon my fav materilas

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lol k


A very good map with pretty well detailed too.
I really love the pulsing effect you put in the map (Though it also pulses in the lobby too XD )
BUT, there are still a bit of things you should improve of your map:

  • Add more details to your intro and some sections, it’s very blanky…
  • The jumps are pretty far, some jumps are too far for multiple players playing it for a while. Nerf it or this won’t be multiple-friendly.
  • Some jumps are also causing confusion, and so do some sections of the map. Add some arrows or signs instead!
  • Reduce the speed of the lava a bit, it seems a bit too fast, or this might be a challenge map (Ignore this part if you’ve already thought of making this as a challenge map oof)
  • Reduce the neon, it’s very overused!
  • I think the materials that you only use is Neon, Plastic and Metal. Why not adding more details with Cobblestones or something to make it more clearly?
  • Epilepsy Warning (yes you said it). You could reduce the pulsing light by remove the background light and only adding its script to the parts that you want to pulsing it.

Overall an amazing map, you got my vote beach XD


I think it is a good map, with an acceptable amount of neon for the theme!

Don’t listen to all those people doubting the neon usages (@Lion) and name suggestions for your map!

Seeming as you are a new user in the forums, I think your first map for the forums is pretty good!


yeah um thanks for the ping i was just offering my opinion
(wait @veryfakeguest hvn’t you made maps for your own game too?)


rlly cool

i wonder how did you make the event string be able to use click detectors


Well I have but this is indeed my first map I’m making for Flood Escape 2.