Teleportation facility

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted and possible
Credit:Hieunguyhiem09(for scripting the extras and giving me ideas)
Group Buttons:2
Description of Map:
You wake up in a unfamiliar facility and its starting to malfunction ESCAPE QUICK!
Inspired by geometry Subzeros PRESS START level
I revamped the map cause gameplay last time was a flop
Updated ending cause a map got cancelled
To be continued…?
V1 ID:5962676453

could have less parts with are fully neon (not the one with textures)
but cool

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thank you

Looks ok.

hint one: don’t ever use the hexagon color template that roblox provides

then what to use?

try creating different shades of the colors you used for each room

wdym? explain

looks pretty ok
digital parts look well executed, but I suggest more details on the black rooms.

I don’t really like digital maps that much, aside from Regain Control. No free models this time? I hope so…

pls play my map guys

this is a funny map

i’ll try and beat it

lol cool xd

yeah cool right?

thanh also gave me ideas and decorated a lil bit in this map lol

Praise him

I wouldnt call it a facility, considering that the whole map is just digital-themed

New revamp!:
Fixed RNG Ladder jump at red room :smiley:
Faster Pacing:
so if you screw up at the start of the map you will die in tower section adding to the diffuiculty
Replaced ladder at the end of tower section with wall jumps
+Some bug fixes

Still working on the end room though sorry!

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well thats cool

Read:Should I remake