Tell your own nostalgia games! (games that you have played in your childhood or past)

pl0x tell it in the comments

CArs lOl



club penguin lol

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ooh hi fed! u finally got an account! xd

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ummm well

  • Five Nights At Freddys [HORROR]
  • Dark Deception [HORROR]
  • Minecraft
  • Roblox
  • ummmm thats it
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search it up

Primary (u gotsa search primary game)

(also my childhood was free online games XD)

Transformers - Construct Bots
Closed the game in 2016.

  • studying lol
  • teh memory game which is really helpfull for ur brain
  • Minecraft
  • Galaxy Wars (It was a online game but it got taken down)
  • Roblox (obviously)
  • Moviestarplanet (really ded)
  • Sims 4

That’s everything I think…?


Nothijg else

Minecraft and geometry dash
I still play GD xD


ah yes, my second post

Anyone heard of an old game in Roblox called Cube Simulator? Me and my friends played it years ago, so nostalgic playing it now. Does not get any players now, which is sad since it is so good. It got moved to another game (a better version) but that version is locked and in the description it says it is a dead game. Asked Halo if she wants to help remake it, no response at the moment.

Moviestarplanet has a sequel now, and 2 other planet games.
Blockstar planet and Boonie Planet.
I play blockstar :slight_smile:

I don’t remember some of my games, but here are some that I do remember.

Some mobile games that I had on an old tablet
Some ROBLOX games in my favorites
Undead Nation (on roblox)

Ok bye I still don’t have regular but ok

I LIKED THE GAME of the life


gEometry DaSh
(I was born 2004)