🎵 Tempo (my new level) | Preview 1

:left_speech_bubble:Hello guys!Its been awhile since i was making a FE2 map. So After few months of being inactive in FE2, i finally came back. It started with beating easierlization (my 3rd crazy level). Then i started making this map, which i Will tell things about it now.


:wrench: So the map is called “Tempo”,as from the name of this post. It uses the song “Fear Me” by Rukkus (nightkilla). At first it was supposed to be using the song “Thermodynamix” by Dj Nate, but then this was replaced with this.

:framed_picture: Here is some screenshots of the map:

(Sorry if the imgs are low quality)

-:+1:Hope yall like it!-


Gonna Add more detail soon

It’s really nice. Better than my stuff. Maybe change the arrows, for me it seems out of place.

aesthetic mboi

don’t make it too hard tho

also nice job dude

Seems really amazing!

great job

work hard

ok map but a bit too much neon

Why do people say that a lot of neon makes a map good ._.

who could possibly know

The level is glow styled Thats why it has so much glow

looks great keep up the good work

The ant of neon is fine to me
Looks nice so far

honestly i like it

Really Good Make sure to add lots of detail I’d like to play

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