Terminated Factory ( my map ) [+10 VOTES]

Waiting someone to play my map

Description of Map

Name : Terminated Factory

ID : 5867518033 / xu*/bh1

Creator(s) : FishingGuy2005

BGM : Dark Deception - Patient Transfer

I will add more detail (or not??)
Pictures / Videos of Map-

1st room :

2nd room :

The Hallway :

Underground’s Factory :

The Last Room :

Hope you enjoy !

looks really really bright
i suggest making the fog darker

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Thanks !

HOLY, this is amazing!

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looks sweet. Vote from me

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this map is really cool but there is one problem with this map and it’s the speed of the rising doors. basically when the second door opens the “your too late” door rises at the same time, making it impossible to get to the next room

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tune up graphics please
i like it, try maybe make the fog more distant and try experimenting with different shades of orange maybe??
reminds me a bit of afterheat

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looks cool

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Yeah i will fix that door and there is another error i have to fix is the lava in the hallway it is doesnt move too

Did you mean FogEnd/ Start ?

he meant fog color

Oh ok

Beat this map on mobile, super fun 10/10

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never saw a map starting like that

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Good Map!
Also Make Vid Soon

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K homeboi got ur vid now idk what map to do pls request meh some maps ASAP aaaaaaaaaaaa

https://youtu.be/dML0rcoLmek My vid :confused:

The map isn’t finish lol