Testing Issues

NOTE: This was built with my alternative account MrLookingToy, the name of the creator is CyberFoox to know that it is my main account!

Status: Finished, Gathering Support

Difficulty: Easy Insane

  • Description -
    The workers had extended the Map Making Kit making it harder, they then tested the flooding, but it had an error and it worked differently, making water lava and mixing up the mechanics.

  • Images/Videos -

  • Extra Note -
    This was EDITING the kit, so I think that was smart for a first map.

this page is already dead

this is literally map making kit with 2 more blocks
how do you call this a map

it’s kinda dumb thinking you’ll get a lot of love just because you put 2 bricks and deleted 3

lol please actually put some effort into your builds.

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i’m not saying i’ll get alot of love for that. do you even see that anywhere here?

well obviously you are posting this map for it to get noticed
please put effort into your builds, i feel like this honestly took like 10 minutes to make lol

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no im not, and plus the dead post stuff is a meme so i used it

i am not an attention seeker

i mean, if you dont want for it to get noticed and get criticism, why are you even posting it? lmao

i thought you meant something else

uh why

bro the map kit is already hard how dare you making it harder


You could just practice in the kit until you think you’re ready to make an actual map
What do you expect when making this topic