Thank You toainsully_Martianin (and every single other moderator as well)

So this topic is just to thank toainsully_Martianin for banning me. Yes I got banned, I clearly deserved it too. I deserve consequences for my actions. Those actions would include:

  • Discriminatory behavior
  • Cyberbullying
  • Doubting others even when they are right
  • Abusing the flag system
  • Harassing others

I clearly messed up and it went way too far. Look I don’t care if I don’t have Regular anymore, it’s just a stupid role on the internet that doesn’t make a difference in real life.

What matters is you. You made the community civil, you chose the right time to flag my posts, you were the star that shone out from the rest of them. And me…

I was a nobody. I didn’t care about anyone, I was a jerk. Look, everyone here needs to understand that I clam down very differently from other people. That will just be something all of you will have to learn soon.

To the moderators, you can ban me anytime you want if you see something wrong with my behavior. I’ll gladly accept the ban and at least learn what I did wrong. I won’t be posting as often now, mainly because when I do, I get too angry. I’m just a person with a personality disorder who can’t control their feelings. That’s just another thing you guys will learn about me.

My messages will always be open for anything about my behavior.

To everyone I offended, I’m truly sorry. I’m a jerk okay? And it was a big jerk move of me to just full mass flag innocent users and annoy the moderators a ton. Especially DominoContributing and toainsully_Martianin.

You can hate me all you want to, I don’t really care that much. But I only care about my behavior and others. I can try to start acting more civil, more educated, and a bit more formal for your likings. Don’t worry, I’m still not in that stage of trying to clam myself down. But I’m still ashamed of myself for being such an idiot.

I hope you enjoyed reading that messy blob of text. Remember, you can still message me about my behavior. I would be glad to chat about it. Just remember, the outside is never at all the same as the inside.


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically in 24 hours deleted unless flagged)

Uh yea about that, my messages were apparently always disabled. That’s a stupid thing of me to say and super sad since I disabled messages so random people don’t message me and annoy the frick out of me.